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Immigration to Canada from Israel

For more than eleven years, The Maple Leaf (TML) Agency LTD has been providing comprehensive services in the process of immigration to Canada. The Agency's staff is a group of professionals in various fields; their knowledge and experience are to ensure a stable positive result. The combination of youth and expertise determines the company’s success for more than a decade.

Have you decided to immigrate to Canada? Immigration process is a combination of different activities including compliance with various instructions of Canadian immigration authorities. The Agency provides the service at all the immigration process stages.

The official Ministry of Immigration website presents in detail all the requirements to potential applicants. But taking into consideration the difference in the education system (USSR, Russia, Israel and Canada) and working experience influenced by moving to Israel every family has their peculiarities which should be paid attention to when applying for permanent residence. The Agency will answer all the questions which may arise during the immigration process.

There are some specific requirements for copies of documents, documents translations and forms filling out. So you have to bear that in mind when applying.

The Agency translates documents strictly following the Canadian specifications. Besides we can help you to fill out the forms and organize your immigration process.

The Agency attaches great value to elucidative work on the Internet. We opened a forum, which we constantly support. It is not only for the clients of the Agency, but also for the families who take care of their immigration procedures independently, the forum where everybody can communicate and receive up-to-date information. The Agency created a blog, which does not conform to the format of the site, and where you may read articles written by the Agency’s experts, essays and impressions of those who had visited Canada. Also, our specialists act as independent consultants on other websites and forums, publish their articles on immigration processes, and answer applicants’ questions at various seminars and meetings.

We take care of different types of visas: do you want to study? Then we will help you obtain a student visa. Do you want to work? Then we can help to get a temporary visa for work. Or maybe you are just attracted by the beauty of Canada, where you desire to study, work, and simply live harmoniously? In that case you will need to obtain a visa for permanent residency, and we are here for you.

The Agency also takes into consideration the cases of those people who were required to leave Canada within a fixed time frame. If there is any chance to get you back in a legitimate manner, we will use it.

The Agency provides photo taking services. All the photographs are processed according to the Ministry of Immigration website specifications.

The Agency provides help in solving problems and situations connected to the immigration process which seem unresolvable to you.

The Agency often helps those people who are already involved in the immigration process but need assistance on the territory of other countries (CIS or Canada).

The Agency assists technically, administratively, informatively at any stage of the immigration process in the framework of any immigration program.

Many families realized their dream with the help of the Agency – to live and to work in Canada.